The greatest combined offer.

topoos is a complete and versatile location-based service platform that makes context-aware app development easier:

  • Fleet and sales force management or access to restricted areas.
  • Augmented reality apps and location-based games.
  • Marketing and offer of specific products based on the time, needs and the characteristics of the environment.
  • Fieldwork and research tools.
  • Geolocated social networks.

And much more!!

Allow your imagination to run free.

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If you can imagine it, you can develop it.

Are you thinking of building geolocated software or ambient intelligence? topoos is a general, inclusive, horizontal and open platform.

The perfect base to build any kind of apps.

Focus on your client.

Forget about the added difficulties of the underlying technology and focus on the added value that your app needs to success.

Geolocation, infrastructure, fragmentation of mobile devices… topoos does it for you.

No training required.

Are you a web or mobile developer? Build your own geolocated and context-aware app effortlessly.

topoos respects multiplatform standards and SDKs so as you don’t need to acquire new knowledge.

Designed and created by and for developers.

topoos was born to accelerate and make developer’s work easier.

We’ve focused all our team’s efforts on creating an easily integrated, homogeneous, coherent and stable product that requires no special training.

Supported by the most powerful companies in the sector.

An extensive network of partners is collaborating in every aspect of topoos’ development: from its infrastructure to the creation of a distribution channel from which you would also benefit.

If you win, we all win.

You won’t need to invest in training, you’ll accelerate the development process of your app and you will even be able to reuse functional modules without the need for debugging them.

Plus, you can use topoos for free and test your app until you’re confident of its success.

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