• Geolocalización - topoos


    Pinpoint your users

    Track your users in real-time, locate them by proximity and detect area abandonments even if the device is turned off or out of range.

    Store and check your points of interest to benefit from the automatic geocoding processes.

    Collect your users’ check-ins and display your data on interactive maps.

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  • Images - topoos


    for every device

    Host images on topoos PIC and save space on your apps. You’ll have immediate remote access to your multimedia resources.

    Avoid the problems of displaying images in different devices. topoos will make the required transformations so as they are displayed on every screen correctly, whatever it is its resolution, size or density.

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  • Digital identity - topoos


    save time

    topoos will save you time when you need to create any form or password recovery services thanks to its identification processes based on OAuth 2.0.

    topoos can also give prebuilt anonymous access to your users so as you can register your app immediately without headaches.

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Our advantages

Functional and flexible

our advantages - topoos

Quickly and easily create any kind of context-aware apps with topoos, the most complete and versatile platform to create location-based services:

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Case studies

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    Share your dreams

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