Source: 7 February 2013

Carnavalea, a fancy dress party in your smartphone

A new mobile app for Android developed using topoos allows sharing Carnival costumes.

Everything is full of nice original costumes during Carnival year after year. Carnavalea is a new app for Android developed with topoos, which has the intention of avoiding costumes to fall into oblivion.

To share a costume you just have to take a picture and write a short comment. Then, it will appear in a map, pointing the place in which the costume is.

With Carnavalea everyone can see which costumes are close to them and punctuate them positively or negatively. This way, each user will reach a status, going from the lower level, Mime, to the higher, Superhero.

Moreover, you can share the costumes in the most popular social medias, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Carnavalea can be downloaded for free from this link to Google Play. What are you waiting for showing us your costume?

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