Source: 30 January 2013

How to develop a mobile application with topoos

A developer tells us how did he develop his own context-aware app using topoos.

We have recently received this interesting story about how was Share your dreams created, a mobile app for Android which was developed using topoos.

Share your dreams was developed by Devergence. It is a diary of dreams in which the users can record their dreams and nightmares so as to not forget them. This way the user can keep a register of what he dreams and even share it in an anonimous and, thaks to topoos, geolocated way.

With Share your dreams you can know what did the people around you dream, check if someone dreamed the same as you or if there are more dreams or nightmares.

The text shows us how to develop applications with topoos by telling us every step followed to create Share your dreams: from obtaining the Api Key with topoos to the creation of every screen of the application. Moreover, if you want to consult the source code you can do it here.

From here we want to thank the author. Thanks a lot and let's develop!

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