Source: topoos 14 May 2013

Relatos, the app for writers on your Android smartphone

This new app developed using topoos allows writers to write and locate their tales and stories as well as reading the other users' ones.

If you like writing and you want everyone to see your tales and stories, there is an app for you. With Relatos, a free mobile application for Android devices, every writer, professional or amateur, now can write texts on his smartphone and share them with the world.

Relatos has been created using topoos, a tool to develop context-dependent apps, with which users can locate their tales and stories and read the other authors' ones by checking a map.

Writing in Relatos is really easy. You just have to download the app for free on Google Play and then press on "Escribir relato". From then on, you only need to write a short text -without surpassing 500 characters- and after that your story will be registered and shared with the rest of the users in a map, to which you can accede pressing "Localización" in the main menu.

If you are a mobile applications developer and you want to create your own context-dependent app, you are in luck. With topoos now you can do it fast and easily without learning something new. What are you waiting for?

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