Source: 5 October 2012

Did you miss topoos' presentation in ESRI Conference 2012?

We tell you the launch of the new platform to develop context dependent applications during ESRI's annual conference in Spain

On october the 3rd, during ESRI Conference 2012 in Spain, topoos, the new platform to develop context dependent apps, was lauched. The presentation was offered by Sergio Alcalde, product manager, with the help of María Fernández Sedeño, the person in charge of ESRI's online communications, who explained to the audience how does it work and how was it created.

The evolution of topoos

María Fernández: Where does the idea of topoos come from?

Sergio Alcalde: topoos was born in the I+D departament of solusoft, a TIC consultancy with more than 18 years of experience. All this started in 2008, during a research project in which we got two results: a new range of applications and the certainty that smartphones would change how apps are nowadays.

Smartphones are the first device which is truly mobile. The important thing is no longer that the user is using our app, now the most important thing is what is he doing while he is using our app. In the other hand, mobile phones are untransferable and they and their owner are inseparable.

That is why a new kind of applications appeared, which know who am I, where am I and with who, plus, they know what have I done and what I will or want to do in the future. Nevertheless, this have created new problems to the traditional developers, an entrance barrier that prevents them to develop this kind of apps.

How was topoos born?

M.F: What does topoos provide to the developers?

S.A: topoos remove this entrance barrier. Thanks to its technology and services based in location, it allows to develop context dependent apps quickly. That is why any developer can create these apps without acquiring new knowledge: they don't need to know anything about GIS or the necessary infrastructure, they'll use tools and APIs which exactly look like those they are used to use.

With topoos developers can increase their products and services and prepare them for the future focusing in their projects and what their client need and ignoring all the rest.

From topoos to ESRI

M.F: What does ESRI technologies contribute to topoos and how did your relationship start?

S.A: ESRI has always been one of our targets, as it's a model in its field. It all started in 2010 with the lightning talks, where we always presented products related with location. An example of it is tweri, an app which tries to improve the autonomy of the people with Alzheimer's and the peace of mind of their caregivers. Now topoos, the platform in which tweri was developed, is more mature, and we decided to launch it.

As developers we have a relationship of sinergy: ESRI gives us acces to part of their technology and to their huge quantity of data, plus technical support and access to their community. And, of course, visibility.

In the other way topoos can provide ESRI spreading their brand image to developers and to the users of their apps who might be thinking about hiring other suppliers

topoos in the future

M.F: How do you see the deveolpers in the future?

S.A: I see more creative developers, focused in looking for the problems they can solve and the products they can create.

It's always the same with technology: when it's created, it's difficult to use it, so you need specialized people. Then it evolves, it becomes easier to use and you can make the most of it. And I think that now is the time to make the most of it.

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