Source: 24 September 2012

topoos will be presented in the Esri Spain Conference 2012

Esri has given us the opportunity to show our platform at its annual conference, participating in the Plenary and in the Lightning Talks.

Logotipo de la Conferencia 2012
Logotipo de la Conferencia 2012

On next October 3th, we will use an invitation from Esri Spain to participate in its conference of this year, ESRI Spain 2012, and to present our platform topoos.

During the event, the largest event for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and a meeting place for entrepreneurs and software developers, the platform topoos will be shown to the public about 12:00 in the framework of the plenary session, within a block where Esri is going to discuss his open innovation model, which has been tapped by topoos in the design and implementation of the platform.

Also, at 15:00, it will be held the Lightning Talks, a space in which several speakers present their project in less than 10 minutes and in which geolocation platform topoos will also have its space.

Under our slogan, "Developing context-dependent applications will never be easier", we will show how our platform makes simple creating these kind of applications. Thanks to its intuitive use and versatility, users can build their applications at any time focusing on your idea and your customers, forgetting about the more technical aspects related to the location and proximity, access to geographic information, the user identity or storing images.

Thus, thanks to reducing the entry barrier, you can create a wide range of applications in diverse sectors such as sales force management, fleet management, location-based gaming and social networking, ..., among many others.

About Esri España

Mission of Esri Spain is to contribute to the development of organizations, providing quality products and innovative services, to help them make better decisions. Esri has the experience and resources to meet the needs of customers in sectors such as Administration, Education, Natural Resources, Telecommunications, Utilities, Defense, Geomarketing, Utilities and Transportation.

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