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tweri Alzheimer Caregiver

With the aim of keeping their routine in the first stages of the illness, this free mobile app allows to locate people affected by Alzheimer’s disease in case of disorientation or loss.

tweri Alzheimer Careviger
tweri Alzheimer Careviger

tweri Alzheimer Caregiver was born to allow people with Alzheimer’s disease to keep their daily routine while their family or caregivers remain calm.

To this end, it has been developed a mobile app for iPhone and Android smartphones which informs the person in charge via e-mail if the affected starts wandering due to a possible disorientation.

When tweri Alzheimer Caregiver realizes this situation or if the mobile phone stops informing for any cause, it will automatically warn the relative or caregiver of the last position known.

Moreover, the affected can also inform manually about his or her location in case of feeling disorientated just by pushing a button.

tweri Alzheimer Caregiver has been tested in affected from several Alzheimer associations and has been downloaded around 18.000 times all over the world, a number that continues to grow.

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