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Tweri On Road

Inform your loved ones about your route while you are travelling by car or motorbike and keep them calm without taking your eyes off the road.

tweri on road
tweri on road

Tweri On Road was born as a mobility solution which not only tries to keep divers’ loved ones calm, but also appears as a potential help in the event of a traffic accident.

To locate the vehicles as fast as possible if there is an accident; Tweri On Road detects user’s extended stops. If this is the case, the app will alert the chosen person via e-mail.

Tweri On Road is also useful to keep the driver’s loved ones calm. To do so, the user just need to press one button while driving or configure a time lapse and the app will send an e-mail to the chosen person attaching his or her location in a map.

You can download Tweri On Road on your Android or iPhone smartphones.

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