The greatest combined offer.

topoos helps you focus your efforts on easily, quickly and safely creating a great app so as you can forget about the complexity of the geographic information you need.

Develop your backend with topoos and avoid worrying about the tasks related to user authentication, information storage, proximity and other contextual data.

Real-time tracking

Check your user’s location real-time and find those ones who are near from a concrete location, a point of interest or even other users. Identify important events registering their position in isolation or as a session.

Developing poweful tracking systems without headaches is now possible thanks to topoos flexibility and ease of use.

Points of interest

Store the important information in points of interest. If not, you can also check homogeneously the vast third- party point of interest databases integrated in topoos.

Make the most of the automatic processes to enrich the geographic information of the points of interest during the registration and display your POIs on interactive maps.

Moreover, consultation mechanisms for POIs in topoos are really flexible and easy to use due to the possibility of adding multiple categories.

Digital identity

Does your app manage users? Using the topoos OAuth 2.0 digital identity service you won’t need to create access forms and, thus, you won’t have to worry about the maintenance or securization processes associated.

In the case your app does not manage users or you don’t want them to sign up, digital identity service provides an identical mechanism perfect to easily use anonymous or pre-generated users.


Nowadays lots of apps use specific features of social networks. If this is your case, you can use topoos social to easily build a network of relationships for your app users.

topoos social provides your app interesting context based functions to connect your users or make recommendations.

Rules and events

topoos blends perfectly with your app by sending PUSH notifications when certain events take place or when pre-set rules fulfill.

If you want your app to send notifications when a user abandons or is close to an area, stands still for a long time, suddenly stops, the battery dies or is out of range or even in other circumstances; our rule service is what you need.


¿Do you need a remote access mechanism to you app multimedia resources? Store your image in topoos PIC and lighten your app outsourcing resources.

topoos PIC automatically transform your images so as they are displayed properly on any device.

You can associate images stored in topoos PIC with POIS, geolocate them or integrate them with other topoos services: the perfect solution to your context-aware app.


Make the most of your apps and make them profitable by creating your own network of geolocated advertisements. Monetise your app or create an internal network to advertise your own products.

topoos is an unique, simple and flexible tool with which you can exploit your business model to the full.


What actually do need your effort is your app. Focus on it and use topoos to create the whole backend reducing costs and simplifying the development process.

Topoos provides you with an authorities store and the required operations to check it. Get the web service that you app need without spending time or money in its implementation.

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